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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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incredible amount of time and we're incredibly lucky to have an expert on this case as well as sarah jones. and who's been great to work with. i want to thank emily and i think i've spent more time on this topic more than any topic on this year but the greatest thanks goes to my staff. thank you for all your we understand and evenings are i want to thank all the members of the community coalition the dozens of organizations we've had communicates with and in particular i want to thank paul
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who got up to speed very quickly we wouldn't be here without his efforts and as well as my predecessor who brought his considerable expertise. i want to give my support around the determinations considering modifications and i've articulated my position & in the planning department last week. at this point, i'd like to move this package of amendments thank you all >> thank you supervisor chu. >> so we're coming to the end of a very robust supervisor
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wiener's key prospective's. the public deliberation on those important procedures have resulted in the two pieces of legislation color together. ultimately i think with the amendments that president chiu has brought together we have one cohesive legislation. someone joked that i should let the labor of our work and - i want to be clear up that the supervisors we agreed with supervisor wiener that a clear process must take place. the one major change to sequa
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procedure that was introduced in both legislation what to establish a deadline of thirty days for smaller projects by the environmental officer or have no significant impact to the environment. it's comprise of those determination. approximately 5 thousand exemptions annual and 10 to 15 projects a year that goes to the impact report. the cornerstone was to institute a process by in spite of robust institutional process to make it easier for the public to get involved in projects in their community. it's important to the integrity of our community that we have a transparent process. the argument cabins the project
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constructed is that not the city rammed the project through to prevent them from giving input. people care in a city where people care about investment that happens and the parks are our living room of our community. is it doesn't mean they get everything they want by their voices and skernlz get heard. notification is there and i'm pleased to see those office drafts with the coalitions sierra clubs and others have been incorporated. those pieces include the pieces by electronic mean and the notification and posting on the website based on the following indications.
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specific neighborhood as defined by the city and environmental impact reports. i also want to summarize other key victories that our coalition fought to insure and one is the authority of the board of supervisors to hear the environmental impact reviewers and this is to the full board we go believed has worked well. second as i mentioned using technology to create a more transparent and open process by increasing the public's right to know and four is the affordable housing project. bicycle projects as advocated by supervisor avalos office and this would mean 1 hundred funded affordable housing project and bike and pet promotions that are
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to address safety issues that get the persistence over other projects and insure those projects are not mirandize in deadline processes. next it the exemption determination. this section is revised to identify the information and post it on the website lester the public of the approval action of the appeal window. next is establishing deadlines that assists the board of supervisors in the peel hearing. and lastly, the potential significance prior to any approve the h t p authority was established and didn't have an established rule on the process. this legislation gives the
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commission the permission to comment on the the issues that are having an economical impact. last is modification having the environmental review officer notify the public of the environmental review. in closing, i want to say that many of us in this board promote growth in this city. i worked on the outside and their support the legislation. we may not also agree but we agree there is a robust effort to allow the public to express their opinion. and if we didn't have this robust project i said probably support a lot less.
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this is also including projects that are - we're going to allow citizens to appeal the action. i want to recognize the dedicated work of the land use committee and their legislatively staff. i know that our legislative staff bet mirandize in the we'd of the city attorney's office office and the planning staff so i want to recognize all of them and in particular danny. we've been fully vetted by the stakeholder and by the city attorney's office and stewards who are watching our environmental health while the city continues to grow i want to
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recognize the legislature staff of our co- sponsors. campos and others i want to thank another bunch of folks. and again to the neighborhood associations sierra club and labor entities that brought this to our office we want to thank you for drafting this and working to compromise. i want to recognize there was an agreement that was made on first time approval vs. final approval this is a huge contention but at the end we went with the first proposal in channels for the robust process. i'd like to add my name as a co- sponsor >> thank you supervisor yee. >> thank you.
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when the residents from district 7 first approached me about sequa i understood how for this issue was to them. they talked about sequa as important to evaluate projects and have their impact on the neighborhoods. and a few months ago i was sitting down with the people from district 7 you can imagine how interesting the discussions were in regards to the two pieces of legislation that were presented at the time and having it change every two days for me to have the discussion well, which version do you have today and so forth. it was a confusing discussion by the intend of the day with the hard work of supervisor wiener, chu and kim that we finally have
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come to a piece of legislation that the residents of my neighborhood can agree on. i'm happy to support this compromise and colleagues i'd like to say that noticing is the important that regardless of the size of the project the neighbors and people 3 are vivid in the neighborhood get timely notice of projects that were my folks care about the neighborhoods and the additional noticing requirements in this legislative will insure their aware of any development. the second point i want to focus on it pedestrian safety. i'm very happy to see that the legislation includes proprietortion for citizens project. i have made pedestrian safety a
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priority and i'm happy to see this provision included in this legislative. i want to thank supervisor wiener and inspire kim for this compromise and supervisor chu for working real hard to introduce those amendments. colleagues i'm be supporting this today >> thank you mr. chair i think it's good to see the members singing kumbaya. and i think we have the different sides and prospective's coming together. thank you supervisor wiener to president chiu for his work and leadership on this and to supervisor kim who working with supervisor avalos and supervisor yee and supervisor mary have
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made a number of changes along with very broad coalition of community members that have struck the right balance between providing the equal it. and enhancing the community to know about the various projects that are for sequa. i especially want to note something i think it a major, major vindicate in this process. one of the major concerns i had at the beginning of this process there would be a reduction in the authority of the board of supervisors when it comes to the ability to hear appeals of final environmental impact reports. i think it's a major victory for this process and especially for the community this board
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coalition that we have before us legislation that protects the authority of this board of supervisors to hear those eir appeals. my experience in the last four and a half years on the board of supervisors to hear the appeals is critical to making sure we have the projects that ultimately are right for the city and there are many examples of how the boards authority and it's ability to have those hearings has led to outcomes that have made projects better and i think there's probably no perfect examples no better example of that point. then what happened with the c pmc project. and see i think it's a testament to all of my colleagues that we have an outcome that has protected the authority of the
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board. the reality is that by protecting the authority of the board we're protecting the ultimate right of the public to have a say over those projects and over the environmental impact that those proposals have. i'm very grateful to all of my colleagues to all of your respective staff and your staff. supervisor kim mention a number of folks. hillary and others who have worked on this. i think if we can get sequa to a point we have common ground i think that the sky is the limit in terms in terms of - we want to acknowledge the coalition and
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specific my colleague who is an expert on this issue. and others as well. thank you for taking the time to work on making this a better proposal and something i'm certainly happy to support today >> thank you supervisor campos. >> first of all, i just want to clarify with our deputy city attorney those are in the substance amendments today. >> yes. the board can adopt those amendments today and pass them on first read and as i said if we're able to get to today agreement i had asked the clerk to add me as a co- sponsor of the legislation. to supervisor kim i'm the happy
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of being the doctor of a legislative progress and i wish to move forward this package >> let me ask you supervisor kim are you sikd the motion? >> thank you for all your remarks. first of all, i as i indicated i'm fully supportive of president chu's amendment before by and larger they enhance noticing procedures relating to sequa that has been one of the isle call it the twin towers of this legislation from the beginning and i'm happy to accept those amendments we all want to make sure that people are aware of those decisions so they can make informed decision
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about whether or not to appeal. i want to say that this is one of the good take waterways from this process is that as with any good legislative process it's important to keep an open mind. and sometimes revalue their positions. i'll 3rd this legislation i basically ideal to what i introduced sets a clear deadline to appeal specifically triggered by the first comprehensive approval of the project. that is a really a key provision of the original lengths and as supervisor kim mention it remains fully intact in the legislation. i want to thank supervisor kim for keeping an open mind on the first issue that was a real bone
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of contention early on. folks kept an open mind that was the right approach in terms of how to file a sequa appeal. thanks to all no support of this important legislation >> thank you supervisor wiener. i see no other colleagues. let me just thank the community coalition for working closely with the patient & scott wiener on another important legislation for our city and others. i want to acknowledge the hard work of nick from my staff working with other aids to the supervisors in tracing e trying to make that a better process. i know it's gone through a frustrating process and it was called a robust process i'd like
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to call it a messy that p one. i want to thank other community based organizations that worked hard with city staff to make that a piece of legislation we can support. i want to thank my colleagues to for making sure the authority was kept in mind. we have a motion on the table that's been seconded by supervisor kim and colleagues can we take those amendments without objection. thank you >> and now on the item itself. >> on item 17 as amended
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(calling names) there are 11 i's. >> it's passed on the first reading and item 18 supervisor kim. >> i'd like to make a motion to table the item. >> is there a second to that issue. can we take that without objection. it's table. thank you, colleagues. madam clerk item 19. >> it's the charter all the time to limit the health fund to defray the health care costs until the costs are fully funded
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under certain circumstances and make the controller the director of the retiree trust fund board under certain circumstances. >> colleagues i ran through quite a bit of dialog last week and i want to recap stronger points. we're voting today to send this forward regarding our cities retiree health care liability. just to recap the goals of this charter amendment it would put our city open unstabilize grounds in the future. we're going to switch to a fully funded model and we're going to cap our cities contributions. as well, a solve the governor in
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advance issues. we'll make sure our children are not paying for and benefits down the road. i've been working closely with a number of retiree groups as well as the city staff that have work on this ballot measure together. i want to thank the group protect our benefits that represents 4 thousand employees from the community colleges and our court system. our shared system is the protection to provide predict for the city budget and insure that the benefits remain from take. i looked to working with the controller and city controller to add the city staff which allows the disbursements. i appreciate all the group that
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will continue to work closely with the common goal is honored by sound practices. ultimately this will have plenty of chapter benefits. through the measure we'll eliminate the liability in four years. it provided for balanced entity. the switch results in major cost you saving and preassets will help to pay portions of the benefit costs reducing it for taxpayers and employees. i want to thank all my co- sponsors. i want to thank all the labor organizations that have endorsed
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this and the employees association and the local 798 and the police officers organizations. and again special thanks to to marry lee for emphasis endorsement as well. i want to thank my staff our controller and his staff and mickey cal had an and the budget director and the dozens of labor folks who came in together. i am confident that the folks in san francisco will support this and set united states in sound financial footing into the future >> thank you supervisor. >> thank you, mr. president, i
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want to thank supervisor farrell and i'd like to be added as a co- sponsor. >> inspire. i think there was some people 3 were concerned when the supervisor left the board we still had supervisors that were truly minding the story open those unisex i didn't critical around pensions and health care by itself it's not the sexiest work but i want to thank and recognize supervisor farrell for doing this arrest doing it in an undramatic way some past efforts around the pension issues have been a really big cumbersome
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process. i wasn't sure show you this would end up being and soon it was done so congratulations >> colleagues unless there's any further discussion let's take a roll call on this legislation. >> (calling names) >> the chart amendment is submitted. colleagues why don't we go now to item 38.
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>> it's a resolution for the sewer system and improve the system in an amount not exceed 8 million. >> item 39 a resolution to authorize the grant funds by the department that public health for fiscal years fourteen and 13. >> next item. >> item 40 is a resolution 30 years the parks and rec department to improve the park that is valued at the $5 million through june 2, 0019. >> this is a principle amount not to exceed 3 accident million to use mtas notes for the
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purpose of 49 other capital improvements. >> same house same call. >> item 42 is an authorization for the commercial paper certificates not to exceed thirty million. >> at the this is the multiple family housing bonds in a principle amount not to exceed 289 million for the acting shigs projects. >> this resolution is adopted. >> next item. >> item 44 is a resolution for the state transportation act article grant fund for biweekly projects in fiscal year 13 and
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fourteen for the period of september 1st, 2012, through august 21st, 2016. this resolution is adapted >> item 45 is grabtd priths to authorize the right-of-way to maintain a tunnel to provide a safe and connectable system to the recreation center. >> next item. >> item 46 is occupy for conduits connecting to the new wells crossing under wells street to richmond avenue. >> this resolution is adopted. >> item 47